Maciej Kotowski

Maciej Kotowski

Gilbert F. Schaefer Collegiate Chair, Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Maciej H. Kotowski is an economic theorist with particular interest in auctions, market design, matching markets, and economic networks. He was appointed to the Gilbert F. Schaefer Collegiate Chair for a three-year term in May 2023. His current projects focus on the interpretation and implications of property rights in economic models, the properties of dynamic and multiperiod matching markets, and the formation of trading networks.


What attracted Maciej to Notre Dame?

"The Notre Dame Economics Department is brimming with ambition and energy. These make it a vibrant and exciting place to be. I'm excited by the department's research, teaching, and public service missions, and I hope to contribute to its continued growth."


Areas of Interest

  • Microeconomics Theory