Birgit Deymann

Birgit Deymann Headshot

Department Administrator

Birgit directs and executes the department's administrative, human resources, and financial functions. She develops and improves department projects and processes, oversees the undergraduate and graduate programs, works to advance student placement, and facilitates external relations with alumni, potential students, potential employers, and other departments and units on campus. She oversees the budget and reimbursements. 

3060H Jenkins Nanovic Hall
(574) 631-7698


Dana Beck

Dana Beck Headshot

Faculty Coordinator

Dana provides support to the Department Chair and faculty and manages faculty recruiting, appointments, onboarding, promotions, and immigration. She oversees all faculty-related communication and coordinates facilities and physical spaces in the department. 

3032 Jenkins Nanovic Hall
(574) 631-2597



Anna Poltrack

Anna Poltrack Headshot

Graduate Studies Coordinator

Anna provides administrative support to the Director of Graduate Studies, Graduate Students, and all aspects of the Economics Department graduate program. 

3060 Jenkins Nanovic Hall
(574) 631-2776


Marie Spoonhower

Marie Spoonhower Headshot

Undergraduate Studies Coordinator

Marie provides administrative support to the Director of Undergraduate Studies and all processes for the undergraduate program, including undergraduate majors' and minors' support.

3060 Jenkins Nanovic Halls 
(574) 631-9263


Gina and Savita provide support to development economics Professors Kaboski, Dinkelman, and Estefan. They conduct data cleaning and analysis, assist in survey design, organize research team logistics, and collaborate on grant submission. They are part of the Structural Transformation and Economic Growth (STEG) program.


Savita Diggs

Savita Diggs Headshot

Senior Research Associate

(574) 631-3143



Regina Mannino

Regina Mannino Headshot

Senior Research Associate

(574) 631-3315



Renee Yaseen

Renee Yaseen Sm

Research Associate

Renee provides research support to Professors Fernando, Iyer, and Piraino in the Building Inclusive Growth (BIG) Lab. She conducts data cleaning and analysis, helps prepare academic papers for publication, and increases the reach of professors' work through evidence-based blogs and articles.