Taryn Dinkelman

Taryn Dinkelman

Loughrey Associate Professor of Economics

Ph.D. University of Michigan

Dinkelman is a development economist who studies labor markets and human capital in developing countries, predominantly in Africa. Her work identifies specific barriers that prevent workers in developing countries from realizing the full value of their labor. She has studied how labor market and human capital outcomes are affected by inadequate physical infrastructure, poor legal protections, exposure to environmental shocks early in life, and information barriers. Her current projects show that allowing workers to migrate to where their labor is more valuable facilitates structural change in rural labor markets and enhances educational attainment in sending communities. 

Prior to joining the department at Notre Dame in 2018, Dinkelman held positions as Associate and Assistant Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College and Assistant Professor at Princeton University. She is a Faculty Research Associate at the NBER (Development Group) and a Research Affiliate at BREAD, the CEPR, and IZA. Dinkelman's research has been published in leading journals, including the American Economic Review, the American Economic Journal: Applied EconomicsThe Review of Economics and Statistics, the Economic Journal, and the Journal of Development Economics. At Notre Dame she teaches undergraduate econometrics.

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Areas of Interest

  • Development
  • Labor Economics