Job Market Candidates

Wenbo Li 250 px

Wenbo Li

Wenbo Li is interested in Environmental Economics and Labor Economics. His job market paper focuses on the effect of road space and rationing on air pollution in China. A copy of his job market paper, additional research, CV, and teaching materials can be found on his website.

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Chungeun Yoon Square 2

Chungeun Yoon

Chungeun Yoon is interested in labor and development. His work centers on innovation, knowledge spillovers, immigration, and migration in developing countries. He also has interests in the use of data science techniques to develop new methods for using big data. Before coming to Notre Dame, he worked for four years with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (the South Korean government's foreign assistance agency), and spent two years in Cambodia. His job market paper studies the causal relationship between labor and innovation using unique data from the U.S. WWI draft.

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Linh Nguyen 250 px

Linh Nguyen

Linh received her Bachelor's degree from National Economics University of Vietnam and Master's degree in Economics from Duke University before joining Notre Dame. She is a development economist with a particular interest in agriculture, land rights, and rural-urban migration. Her job market paper studies the effect of land titling on migration in Vietnam. 

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                                                                     Advisor: Joseph Kaboski

Wei Quan 250 px

Wei Qian

Wei Qian is a sixth-year Ph.D. student at the University of Notre Dame. Her primary research interests are the study of macroeconomic relationships, particularly relating to the housing market, using micro and macro data sources. Her job market paper quantifies the causal impact of consumers' house price expectations on their household spending by analyzing individual responses from a randomized controlled experiment. Wei Qian received her B.S. in Quantitative Finance from the National University of Singapore. 

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