Job Market Candidates

Colin Davison Professional Headshot

Colin Davison

  • Advisors: Kirk Doran (Chair), William Evans, Robert C. Johnson, Jeffrey Campbell
  • Job Market Paper: “More Competition, Better Products: Evidence from a Novel Classification of Patents”
  • Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Innovation Economics, Labor Economics, International Trade, Entreprenuership
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Brianna Felegi Professional Headshot

Brianna Felegi

  • Advisors: Daniel Hungerman (Chair), Chloe Gibbs, Kasey Buckles, William Evans
  • Job Market Paper: “Supply-Side Responses in School Choice”
  • Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Economics of Education
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Sinyoung Lee Professional Headshot

Sinyoung Lee

  • Advisors: Nelson C. Mark (Chair), Christiane Baumeister, Matthias Hoelzlein, Jing Cynthia Wu
  • Job Market Paper: “Monetary Policy and Consumption Inequality in the U.S”
  • Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Inequality, Housing
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Qian Li Professional Headshot

Qian Li

  • Advisors: Eric Sims (Chair), Christiane Baumeister, Jing Cynthia Wu
  • Job Market Paper: “Quantitative Easing and Welfare Gain under Commitment Monetary Policy at Zero Lower Bound”
  • Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Time Series Econometrics
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Jonas Nauerz Professional Headshot

Jonas Nauerz

  • Advisors: Benjamin Pugsley (Chair), Ruediger Bachmann, Michael Pries
  • Job Market Paper: “Men and Women at Work - Gains from Individual Taxation and the Macroeconomic Importance of Workforce Diversity”
  • Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, International Economics
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Paul Shaloka Professional Headshot

Paul Shaloka

  • Advisors: Ethan Lieber (Chair), Kasey Buckles, William Evans, A. Nilesh Fernando
  • Job Market Paper: “Blue Collar Booms and American Mortality: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution”
  • Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Development Economics 
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Giorgi Piriashvili Professional Headshot

Giorgi Piriashvili

  • Advisors: Thomas Gresik (Chair), Jeffrey R. Campbell, Joseph Kaboski, Kali Rath
  • Job Market Paper: “M&A and Macroeconomic Growth”
  • Research Interests: Macroeconomic growth, Imperfect competition, Dynamic industrial organization
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Zhiyi Wei Professional Headshot

Zhiyi Wei

  • Advisors: Eric Sims (Chair), Nelson C. Mark, Benjamin Pugsley
  • Job Market Paper: "Collateral, Debt Composition, and Borrowing Constraints"
  • Research Interests:  Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing
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Ruediger Bachmann


Graduate Placement Director

For more information about the job market candidates, please contact:

Ruediger Bachmann

Stepan Family College Professor of Economics