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Ph.D. graduates discuss how Notre Dame prepared them for the academic job market

Author: Josh Weinhold

From tenure-track positions to top government appointments, Notre Dame's Department of Economics has established a strong track record of job placements for its Ph.D. students.

Recent graduate students have been added to the faculty at the U.S. Military Academy, Miami University of Ohio, University of Louisville, DePaul University, and others. The program has also helped students find success in the workforce, with jobs at the the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the U.S. Census Bureau, Freddie Mac, the Bank of Canada, and the Center for Naval Analysis. …

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A letter from the chair

Author: William Evans

Economics faculty members spend a considerable amount of their time engaged in research, so when we profile scholars such as Joe Kaboski or our new hires as we do in this newsletter, it is natural that we concentrate on their academic accomplishments. This newsletter also includes three stories about how our undergraduates are actively engaged in knowledge creation both while on campus and when they enter the workforce. Profiles of Claire O’Donnell ’16 and Danny Fitzgerald ’17 illustrate their research activities as undergraduates while another story introduces us to Greg Duffy ’15, now an employee at Pandora, who uses his economics training for research on a daily basis.

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