Sujal Pandya awarded Indiana Governor's Fellowship

Author: Economics News

The Governor's Fellowship provides a unique experience in Indiana state government. The program is highly selective, recruiting talented young men and women from across the state who will serve in various state agencies on a rotating basis over the course of twelve months. Fellows participate in the daily activities of state government, complete special projects, travel to observe how work in the Capitol translates into action throughout the state, and experience firsthand how policy is made.

Governor's Fellows work in a variety of settings including the Governor's Office, Lieutenant Governor's Office, Office of Management and Budget, the Family and Social Services Administration, Department of Environmental Management, Department of Natural Resources, and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, to name a few.

Many of those who have participated as Governor's Fellows over the past two decades have gone on to successful careers in both the public and the private sector - some serving at the highest levels of local, state and federal government. They have taken from their fellowship experience a solid understanding of the workings of government and have honed their research, writing, communication and management skills. At the same time, they have given back to the state through their year in public service.