Undergraduate Program

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The Economics major is highly prized because it is both versatile and valuable. It is one of the most popular majors at every premier university in the country, including Notre Dame. 

The undergraduate economics major within the College of Arts and Letters allows you to acquire strong quantitative, analytical, and communications skills in the context of a liberal arts curriculum. The program provides students with the insights of scientific analysis and social perspective to deepen their understanding of the complex economic forces at work in society.

What is special about majoring in Economics at Notre Dame?

Our mission

To help foster the Catholic mission of the University, the department teaches a variety of courses that provide students with an understanding of how economics can be used as a tool to help those most in need. These classes include Development Economics, Health Economics, and the Economics of Catholic Social Teaching. Internships at the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities also provide an opportunity for students to support the University's mission.

Our faculty

We currently have 35 professors and we plan to grow to over 40 in the near future. Our faculty are committed to excellent teaching and mentoring our undergraduates. They also do cutting-edge research on a wide range of fields including macro, applied microeconomics, development, international economics, and micro theory. In keeping with the University’s Catholic mission, the faculty also focuses on research that is relevant to social policy. Two of our faculty members recently founded the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO), a research center that, through rigorous impact evaluations, aims to identify innovative, effective and scalable programs that help people move out of poverty.

The Theodore and Rita Combs Distinguished Lecture Series

See John List's 2018 lecture "What Can We Learn From Uber: 3 Large Scale Field Experiments on Tipping, The Gender Pay Gap, and Apologies": https://notredame.app.box.com/s/wsjgzn0kzoxx8khjqshuw0buju1as5oz

"Webinar" Panel COVID 19 Pandemic Economic Effects 

On Wednesday, April 8th four members of the Economics Faculty; Rudi Bachmann, Christiane Baumeister, Kasey Buckles and Eric Sims took questions from Undergraduate students on the Economic impact of the current COVID-19 crisis.  The Panel was moderated by Emily Merola, President of the Economics Club and graduating Senior.  The session recording can be found here and below.