Academic Programs

The Economics Department offers two majors, Economics and International Economics; and one minor, Business Economics.  Students in either major may also apply for a concentration in Financial Economics or, if qualified, follow the honors track. A short description of each of these options follows.

Economics Major

Our major focuses on “core” courses in theory and research methods. The rigorous nature of these courses will allow you to effectively compete in the job and graduate school market with your peers at other top universities when you leave Notre Dame. More importantly, you will learn how to apply these theories and methods to the world around you. The undergraduate Economics major goes beyond just the study of money of numbers. The major is designed to prepare students for a variety of professional objectives including careers in data analytics, economic research, public service, and law as well as managerial positions in business and industry.

International Economics

To prepare students for careers in a global economy, the International Economics major combines rigorous coursework in the economics with advanced training in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish language and culture through the appropriate langue departments in the college. The major's course of study exemplifies the College of Arts and Letters’ cross-disciplinary approach to nurturing the development of business leaders and global citizens who have both the analytical and cultural skills needed to navigate today’s interconnected world economy.

Concentration in Financial Economics and Econometrics

The Concentration in Financial Economics and Econometrics is being offered to provide fast-paced and analytically rigorous training in financial economics that will prepare students for careers in investment management, banking, research, and policymaking. The coursework for this selective program is designed to build your quantitative skills, while providing you with a deep knowledge of financial markets and the pricing of financial assets. The concentration is open to both Economics and International Economics majors.  Students may apply to the concentration in the Spring of their Sophomore year.

Business Economics Minor

Students can now enroll in the College and pursue a minor in basic business economics principles. If you are interested in being a student in the College of Arts and Letters, you can now also earn a minor in Business Economics—taking full advantage of a liberal arts education while becoming literate in basic economics business principles.


Economics and International Economics majors can pursue an honors track and the department also collaborates with partners across campus to offer a number of interdisciplinary minors.

Our students can also pursue research both within the department and throughout the university.