Academic advising for undergraduate economics majors is provided from the following members of the Economics faculty; Tim Dunne, Eva Dziadula, Mary Flannery, William Leahy and Forrest Spence. 

These academic advisors will assist students in designing a program that meets their educational and career goals. A typical plan of study for students deciding on an Economics major in their first year is as follows.  There is a good deal of flexibility in scheduling for those declaring an Economics major at a later date.




First year

MATH 10350 - Calc A or higher

ECON 10010 - Principles of Microeconomics

MATH 10360 - Calc B or higher

ECON 10020 - Principles of Macroeconomics

Sophomore year

ECON 30330 – Statistics for Economics

ECON 30010 – Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON 30331 – Econometrics

ECON 30020 – Intermediate Macroeconomics

Junior year

ECON elective*

ECON elective

Senior year

ECON elective

ECON elective


*At least one of the electives must be designated as Writing Intensive and at least 2 of the electives must be at the 40000 level.

Students interested in becoming undergraduate economics majors or desiring further information regarding economics courses should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies or an academic advisor.


Prof. Eva Dziadula
3060C Jenkins Nanovic Halls
(574) 631-0424

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Prof. Tim Dunne
3060E Jenkins Nanovic Halls
(574) 631-5162

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Prof. Forrest Spence
3060B Jenkins Nanovic Halls
(574) 631-1606

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Prof. William H. Leahy
3024 Jenkins Nanovic Halls
(574) 631-7238


Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies 

Prof. Mary Flannery
3074 Jenkins Nanovic Halls
(574) 631-1369

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International Economics Major

For questions about the major, contact the Directors of Undergraduate Studies in the appropriate language department.

Department Director of Undergrad Studies Email


Ghada Bualuan

East Asian

Michael Brownstein

German and Russian

Denise Della Rossa

Romance Languages

Shauna Williams

For economics-specific questions, contact Mary Flannery in the Department of Economics at