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Econ Club Lecture: Designing Markets for Development

A talk with Professor Terrence Johnson

Date: March 29

Time: 6pm

Place: Debart 312

Designed markets are a ubiquitous feature of modern life: Uber, Amazon, eBay, Priceline, and countless other platforms connect consumers to firms every day.  Increasingly, however, economists are being asked to design markets to achieve particular socially desirable outcomes: the city of Boston uses a matching market to place pupils at schools, the Federal Communications Commission uses auctions to sell telecommunications spectrum to firms, and the National Resident Matching Program allocates freshly graduated doctors to hospitals.  This talk focuses on the application of similar tools to a developing country context: using economics for good, to encourage the take up of healthier sanitation services, better (but riskier) technologies, and how to ensure subsidies and assistance are targeted to the people who benefit from them the most.


Lecture: ND Institute for Global Investing & Cambridge Associates

For anyone interested in investing and finance, there's a discussion/talk on asset allocation strategies (touching on market volatility, portfolio diversification and optimization, and risk management) Tuesday, 4/4 at 5:30 PM in 102 Debart. See attached poster for more info.

Notre Dame's Institute for Global Investing is partnering with Cambridge Associates to discuss the evolution of portfolio construction practices.  We will discuss multiple dimensions of risk and return trade-offs when building portfolios and evaluate the consequences of risk allocation decisions during normal and stressed markets.  We will also examine current best practices as institutional investors look to balance out current spending requirements with long-term growth goals.