2019 Thesis Projects


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Debora Mulokozi: Kasey Buckles -  The Long-run Effects of an Extra Year of Schooling on Income Earned - Evidence from Britain

Arianna Blanco: Michele Muller-Itten

Justine Wang: Kirsten Cornelson - The Social Effects of Increased Competition: How Bank Branching Deregulation Affects Confidence in Banks

Matthew Brown: Abigail Wozniak -  Mixed Signals? Occupational Licensing and Intermittent Labor Force Participation

Nicolas Gabriele: Eric Sims -  Do Democrats Do Better? An Examination of the Democrat-Republican Gap at National and State Levels

Honors Capstone

Catherine Etchart: Michael Pries -  The Cost of Caring: Assessing the Performance of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

Mateo Garcia-Novelli: Kirsten Cornelson -  Skin Tone, Wages, and Education: Why Differences Between Hispanic-Americans Lead to Different Labor Market Outcomes

Thomas Pettit: Abigail Wozniak -  Where Did The Manufacturing Workers Go?

Dante Domenella: James Sullivan

Michael Smith: William Evans -  The Effect of Uber on Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities

Edward Connor Murphy: William Evans -  A Perfect Storm: Consequences of Legislative Changes and the Great Recession on Public School Funding in Texas

William LeRoy: Kali Rath and Terence Johnson 

Bennett Grefenstette: Eric Sims -  Countdown to Doomsday: The Financial Crisis Through FOMC minutes

Therese Bonomo: Timothy Dunne - The Distributional Impacts of a Federal Tax on Carbon

Shuyu Vicky Jiang: Michele Muller-Itten

Astrid Brakstad: Kirk Doran

Vivian Crumlish: Chloe Gibbs -  It’s not “NEET” to be Idle: An Evaluation of England’s Increased School Leaving Age

International Economics Senior Research Project

Albertina Arce: Forrest Spence -  Understanding the effects of immigrant status on intergenerational mobility and labor market inequalities in Saint-Dénis, France

Sloan Austermann

Anne Bonds

Nicole Degla

Luke Golichowski: Forrest Spence -  Decriminalizing All Drugs: The Case of Portugal

Sara Kellenberg: Forrest Spence -  The Fiscal Impact and Greater Economic Implications of Brain Drain: A Study of Venezuela

Keenan MacQuarrie: Forrest Spence -  The Effect of Opiate/Heroin Drug Seizures at the Border on Opioid/Heroin Related Deaths in the United States

Caroline McKay

Mia Schwartz

Anna Sheridan

William Trapp

Tristan Vitale: Lakshmi Iyer, Forrest Spence -  The Unintended Consequences of Italian Law Enforcement: The Spread of the Mafia in the 1990s