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The Department of Economics at Notre Dame is a neoclassical economics department committed to rigorous theoretical and quantitative analysis in teaching and research.

Our faculty has specialties in the areas of microeconomics and macroeconomics theory; econometrics; and labor, monetary, international, development, and environmental economics.

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Notre Dame Job Market Candidates

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Job Openings for Faculty

The Department of Economics is continuing a major new expansion adding ten tenured and junior faculty positions over the next five years. We seek applicants for tenure-track assistant professor positions as well as tenured associate and full professor positions. Full job descriptions and application information can be found by following the link to our Job Openings for Economists listings.  Applications should be made online through EconJobMarket.org

Faculty Research

Our research mission is to perform frontier research that advances our knowledge in both theoretical and applied economics, and to disseminate that knowledge mainly through publication in prominent peer-reviewed journals. Guided by the University's long-standing commitment to the Catholic social tradition, we stress policy-relevant research that contributes to important debates on economic, social, and political problems facing humanity.

Notre Dame Economics Working Paper Series

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Economics seminars

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Graduate Student Research

Our mission in graduate education is to train the next generation of scholars in economics. Our graduate program prepares Ph.D.s for research and teaching careers in academic institutions and for positions in government, non-government organizations, international agencies, and the private sector. Students will be trained in modern theoretical and quantitative methods as well as methods for communicating their knowledge to the profession and the public.

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Undergraduate Student Research

Our mission is to teach students to think clearly and critically about the world using the economics paradigm, to equip students with the necessary tools to participate in important public debates on economic, social, and political issues, and to be able to pursue lifelong learning opportunities.

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