The Department of Economics strives to provide the highest quality instruction in modern economic analysis and to conduct innovative research, while fostering the Catholic mission of the university. Our department is committed to rigorous theoretical and quantitative analysis in teaching and research.

Faculty members in our department have specialties in a diverse set of fields including macro, applied microeconomics, development, international economics, and micro theory.


The Economics major is largest major in the College of Arts and Letters with approximately 525 Economics students and 125 International Economics students.  The Economics department has an excellent post graduation placement record.  Economics and International Economics graduates pursue careers in business, nonprofits or government.  Many others go on to graduate study in economics, law, business and public policy.  Information about post graduate opportunities for our majors can be found in the First Destinations report published by the Notre Dame Career Center. 

Our graduate program has a high faculty-to-student ratio that has tremendous success at placement.


To contact the department chair, the director of graduate studies, or the director of undergraduate studies, or ask questions regarding admissions, please visit our contact page. General inquiries can be made via the contact information below.

3060 Jenkins Nanovic Hall
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 631-3332
Fax: (574) 631-4783


The Department of Economics welcomes your support in any number of ways. We value the time, talent, and treasure of our graduates and friends and welcome collaborative efforts to further our work. Make a gift here or connect with the department about other ways to get involved.