The Department of Economics offers majors in Economics and International Economics. Both are versatile and valuable. Economics is one of the most popular majors at every premier university in the country, including Notre Dame. Students will learn scientific analysis and social perspective to deepen their understanding of the complex economic forces at work in society.

Economics at Notre Dame teaches strong quantitative, analytical, and communication skills in the context of a liberal arts curriculum. Studying economics prepares graduates for a variety of career paths.

The department offers a Concentration in Financial Economics and Econometrics (CFEE) for students in either major and a minor in Business Economics for non-Economics Arts & Letters majors.

Economics Undergraduate Advisors

  1. Bennett Cora

    Cora Bennett

    Assistant Teaching Professor

  2. Eva Dziadula

    Eva Dziadula

    Teaching Professor

  3. Davin Raiha

    Davin Raiha

    Associate Teaching Professor

  4. Spence2

    Forrest Spence

    Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies